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Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
table, including tax cuts and entitlements. it doesn't seem to be moving. house speaker john baron. but what it could ultimately do is start to lay the ground work for providing him cover to be able to back of of off his insistence they're not going to raise rates on top earners. what that letter shows i think that republicans are acknowledging that the president does have the leverage in these negotiations. over the summer privately republicans their aides were saying they didn't think the president would let it get to that point. he's chaffed because that's what she's shown to do in previous budget negotiations the debt ceiling back in december of 2010 when he extended the bush era tax rates after saying he wouldn't. but now what republicans are saying is hey, it does look like the president is willing to hit that fiscal cliff dead lie, and you know that's because in part the president is the best messenger. this is the key issue that he campaigned on and he's continuing essentially to campaign on it. >> rose: how much pressure is the president getting from quote the left and his part
Dec 1, 2012 12:00am PST
. he's interrogating the whole bureaucracy, kind of like john kennedy used to do. don't just take it from the immediate person below you. find out what's going on. and you can see in some of the diaries of civil servants this sense that suddenly the machine is just gearing up to a completely different level. and 245 sense of a dynamo at work is the other thing that is really important. >> and it is, of course, a conjunction of him realizing that his position is unique. i felt as if i was walking with destiny. but also the conjunction is with a nation and a people who are at a unique point in their history. it's very easy now to just forget the degree of isolation, physical ice laying of great britain at that point. of course there was the empire, there was the commonwealth, there was the hope that one day the united states would become actively involved with its allies. but for that period he and britain are alone and that i think comes back to this thing of courage. >> its situation is extromly simple. you know, in politics and international life, most of the 20 ent century is complicate
Nov 29, 2012 12:00pm PST
drug war, to rethink it, and say wrest-- the benefit of time, and what evidence now tells us, john maynard cains will once said famously, when people accused him of changing his views. he said when i get new information i change my views. for bill clinton today to see the ravages of the drug war, it would be a great moment for him to say we are going to join a bun of people together from the grover norket of the ail and the other. how do we look at the model of a country like portugal and see there are tremendous lessons. you need to see the british and others join them and say there is a commonly-- a common passion in the world to see this go better. this is a global disaster of which america is the engine. but america can make the first major step and should and there's a legacy moment for obama in doing so. >> rose: thank you. i guess what's interesting about your last point to me is we need examples of what people from different and diverse experiences and political affiliations can come together to work on a common problem that affects everybody. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> rose: thi
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)